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Dont Phunk With my Heart- Chapter 10 <3

Sorry I havent done this chapter in like FOREVER! But i have been super busy! So here it is!

Jasmine’s P.O.V!

I was sitting and talking to my mom when all of a sudden I heard a voice. I looked up and there stood Aleena. She looked confused, hurt, shocked and scared. I automatically freaked, but before I could get up she was sitting next to me and she was crying.

"Okay, Aleena I’ll explain", I told her." Okay so for starters a few weeks before my "death", someone killed my uncle and my whole family vowed revenge and one day when my Mom and I were out, I met someone for the first time. My twin to be exact. She was kidnapped by the same people, who killed my uncle when we were about one years of age. Aleena, she was killed not me. She was killed because my cousin and his gang killed a member of the gang, who killed my uncle, and they threatened to kill me, so i needed to stay in hiding. We thought they would recongize my sister, but they didnt and they shot her when she was coming home, from the grocery store. They had to tell everyone that it was me so they wouldnt go after us anymore. I wanted to tell you so badly but I couldnt. I missed you so much, but I’m here now and we can finally hang out again", I said while hugging her.

She sat there stunned. I was just about to say something, when the guy she was with came over.

Aleena’s P.O.V

I almost forgot, I was with Trey, untill he came over. He looked quite confused, then I realized he didnt know, why I had gotten up. So I might as well tell him now.

I explained the whole story to Trey (with Jasmine chiming in), and when I was done he looked just as shocked as I had been. I looked Jasmine in the eye and told her to text me tomorrow. I made her promise before I went back to my date with Trey.


Aleena’s P.O.V

" I had an amazing time tonight", I told Trey as we were nearing my house. Finally we reached my house and we both got out of the car. We stood on my porch for a few mintues, before he leaned into me. Just when I thought it FINALLY going was happen, right on cue the notorious Amy AGAIN ruined the moment. "Hey you two love birds", she said smirking at me. I gave Trey a quick hug and went into the house.

Determined to wait to answer questions untill the morning, I ran upstairs and changed into my pajamas and went to sleep.

I hope you liked it <3 =I kind of rushed it but I tried my best.

OOHHH and i thought I’d make Aleena’s pajamas :D